Tiro is a privately held advisory and investment firm partnering with both established leaders in finance and industry and passionate entrepreneurs



Tiro is a privately held advisory and investment firm partnering with both established leaders in finance and industry and passionate entrepreneurs

Our DNA:




Blunt, honest and objective




Deep, longstanding, global relationships with key decision makers


Quality clients, PARTNERS and people



What We Do

What We Do


Our clients are corporates, their management, entrepreneurs, Boards, investment funds and high net worth individuals and families.

We work with both established players, including top tier large and mid cap Private Equity, and high growth challengers.

We assist our clients in assessing and implementing corporate strategy and addressing capital needs.


Our expertise includes advice on acquisitions, mergers, disposals including sales of minority stakes and leveraged buyouts.

We also advise companies on capital structure and capital restructuring including debt and or equity to fund acquisitions or operations.  Our principals have extensive experience in early preparation of companies for IPO and selection of underwriters.

Our clients come from a broad range of industries and our principals have experience in virtually every industry sector.

Recent clients span retail & consumer, financial services, telecom, media including print, broadcast, sports and conferences & exhibitions, internet & e-commerce, education, agribusiness, food & beverage, engineering services, quality testing & assurance, real estate, gaming, aerospace, and healthcare services.

Strategic Growth

Our background as investors as well as advisors means we are comfortable taking on longer term mandates for promising growth companies that may need time to become fully "investor ready".  We can open our network of contacts, provide strategic direction and prepare a company to attract quality investors keen to finance its expansion.


We help guide clients through periods of financial stress and distress.  We combine discretion with an aggressive focus on righting the business including assistance negotiating with creditors and securing investment from current and or new sources of capital as part of a broader restructuring plan. 

Principal Investments

We source, negotiate, and structure private investments.

Our affiliates and associated families invest together with entrepreneurs, management teams or other investors whom we know well. Investee companies and co investors are often people with whom we have worked over many years or even whose families we have known for generations.  

Investment interests are wide ranging and defy easy characterisation. They include early stage, high growth opportunities, special situations, large cap platform “buy and build” and leveraged buyouts.  Investments may be in equity, debt or other structured instruments.  

The common elements are proven and reliable management teams, the ability for us to provide value above and beyond invested capital, either through expertise or our extensive network of contacts, and appropriately priced risk-reward.

Recent sectors of investment include consumer finance, financial technology, Internet, biotech, consumer, healthcare and real estate.




Jonathan Mandel Founder & CEO  🇭🇰

Jonathan Mandel
Founder & CEO  🇭🇰

Marc Zilkha Founder  🇭🇰

Marc Zilkha
Founder  🇭🇰

Nicolas Lebard Managing Director - Head of Singapore  🇸🇬

Nicolas Lebard
Managing Director - Head of Singapore  🇸🇬

Xi Wang 王熙 Vice President  🇭🇰

Xi Wang 王熙
Vice President  🇭🇰

Quency Li Qinshu 李沁姝 Associate  🇭🇰

Quency Li Qinshu 李沁姝
Associate  🇭🇰

Wi Lex Tan 陈玮略 Associate  🇸🇬

Wi Lex Tan 陈玮略
Associate  🇸🇬

Connie Chan Summer Analyst  🇭🇰

Connie Chan
Summer Analyst  🇭🇰

Brian McCullough Senior Advisor

Brian McCullough
Senior Advisor

Scott Barnett Senior Advisor

Scott Barnett
Senior Advisor


Contact Us

Contact Us

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